Auto insurance policy- Questions and answers series 1

question markEvery day we get a chance to meet clients from different countries and trust me it’s always fun being with them and we try our level best to come up with their requirements we always suggest our clients to study their policy and we are right there to answer all your queries.
Following are some common questions that can really help in understanding the auto insurance policy in the UAE.

Why can’t the insurance and registration be two different names?

Generally the policy holder of the auto insurance policy is the registered owner and driver of the car. He/she must have financial interest in the car. The name that has been stated on the insurance certificate will be used by the traffic department for registering the car.

How do you calculate my car insurance premium?

There are several factors that are associated with the process of calculating your auto insurance premium. Some of them are like your age, years of driving experience, your location, type of car you do drive and its value, whether you have any claim history etc.

How can I make a claim?

I had written one article on the same issue. I’ve explained the process step by step there. Please click here to go for the details.

What about the deductible if I make a claim?

It’s actually customer’s contribution at the time of claim that can’t be fully recovered from a third party.


 Once there will be a claim can I get a car as a substitute of my own, as mine will be in the garage that time?

To avail this facility you need to opt for the option “Rental of Alternative Vehicle” at the time of initiation of the car insurance policy for an additional premium of AED 150

Which garages will you use to repair the car?

If you’ve selected Agency repairs then your car will be repaired at the car’s certified dealership. Otherwise your insurance provider will select one of their own authorised repairers.  Your car will always be transferred to the expert and qualified personnel for quality service.

Whether and how could I be eligible for permanent Agency Repair cover?

Agency repair is available for a car for up to 2 years from its first registration. If you agree to provide excess premium then the cover can be extended up to 5 years.

Can I choose the garage for repairing my car?

Whenever getting a car insurance policy in Dubai or across the UAE if you opted for Agency Repair then your car would be repaired at main authorised dealership. In other case your auto insurance provider would select one of its approved repairers. Generally the selection of garage depends on the factors like damage you’ve got in your car, type of car etc.

Why do I need 13 months of insurance for my car instead an annual insurance of 12 months?

The Traffic Registration Department requires 13 months motor insurance certificate, in order to cover 1 month registration grace period provided at the end of 12 month registration period.

Some important issues are still there. You could have more questions in your mind. In my second Question and Answer series I’ll bring some new ones for you. You can also go through our FAQ section for more questions and answers related to your UAE car insurance policy.

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