Pre-Travel Tips for your Home

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Just because you are leaving on a trip of a life time, don’t forget to take second look around your house. There are some insurance requirements that you need to take care of before you leave:

  • Make sure you have all smoke detectors on every level of the home.  It is also a good idea to check the electronic detectors as they can get old like everything else and stop working. A carbon dioxide detector should be checked at the same time. If you have a 24/7 monitored alarm system, it will pick up on the alarms.
  • Do not keep money at home. If you have a lot of cash, put it in a safety deposit box at the bank. Home invasions are at an all time high. Your life is more important than your money or high priced jewellery. You could be walking back to your house after your vacation to a serious situation.
  • Don’t let it be too easy for a thief to steal or break-in to your car. Never leave anything valuable in the car and make sure it is locked. If you are not using your vehicle for your trip, ask a neighbour to park their car there off and on so it looks like someone is home. You could even leave your keys with them to move periodically.
  • Check your door and window locks. If you live in a house with a basement, some people will put bars on the inside for additional security.
  • Have your mail and newspapers stopped while you are away.  You might mention to your neighbour that if they see a moving truck in your driveway, to call police, because it is not you.
  • It is a good idea to have someone go in and just check around to make sure everything is alright. This is a crucial rule with some home policies. Many insurers want someone checking every 4 days. It is mainly to make sure there is no water that has backed up in the house or if there was a power outage, that your freezer goods were not affected.
  • Check all your electrical plugs to make sure they are dust free and unplug all the ones you can. There is no need for them be on.
  • Before you leave, take copies of passports, driving license, health cards, credit cards and put them in a safe outside the home, like a safety deposit box. This is a great way to prevent Identity Theft, and more important, if something happens abroad where your wallet or passport is stolen, you can call the bank to confirm your documentation with the people at customs. You don’t want to be denied entry to your own Country.
  • Most thieves can spot a tourist within minutes. Carry your money close to you in a money belt or front pocket. Change the pin on credit cards and your debit while you are way.

Have a great trip!!

Enjoy your holidays and become complete tension free with right travel insurance policy from Alfred’s InsuranceMarket.

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Travel Insurance when traveling from Dubai – Travel Money Safe

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Traveling to different parts of the world can be exciting, but knowing how to use your money safely and keep track of all the different types of currency can be challenging.

The technology these days has created numerous ways to access your money quickly and easy. A bank machine seems to be everywhere you go. Some are bank owned; some are just “ATM” machines that you can find in a regular store.

There is no need to buy traveler checks these days. You only need carry a credit card or debit card. These type of cards offer a limit of insurance should the card be stolen or fraudulently used. The debit cards are issued these days with a Visa or Master card logo on them. They look just like a credit card but it takes money from your account just like a regular debit card.

It would be a good idea to talk to your bank prior to leaving the Country. They will have the information you need about your access to ATM’s and the banking services in the area. They will also be able to explain any charges that you will be responsible for with them such as, the exchange rate on currency or interest and administrative fees. Some well known banks do offer special insurance plans you can purchase before you leave.

In most cases you should carry some cash on you for small costs like meals, taxis or admission fees. If you are going to carry cash, buy it in small amounts so if you don’t use it, you don’t have to worry about changing it back to your home currency.

Credit cards and debit cards are the choice for people traveling. It is always carried on your person so there is no worry of someone breaking into your room and helping themselves to your money.

You should always prepare for your vacation. You want the funds to enjoy yourself.

Here are a few tips to make your trip a happy one

  • Speak to your bank about a traveler’s credit card. They are prepaid and come in different currencies.
  • Keep any type of card or cash that you must leave in your room, in a safety deposit box with all other valuables. Remember that you may have a limit or condition written into your home insurance about valuables having to be stored in a safety deposit box when not in use. It could void your insurance, so it is a good idea to check the regulations.
  • Only take what you need for identification with you. Leave everything else at home. An example is your Social Insurance Card. If you have your passport, you will not need it.
  • Take copies of the identification you are taking with you and leave them at home in case of theft.
  • Update all your important medical documents at home.
  • Advise your bank and credit card Company of your destination. You don’t want them declining your card for identity issues.

Many vacation destinations are inclusive so you do not need a lot of money while taking one of the vacation packs. Talk to your travel adviser about the amount of money you should take with you.  Money is usually only needed for additional shopping or for anything out of the resort.

Come and visit the travel insurance page on for a quick and easy arrangement of your travel insurance in Dubai.

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Travel Insurance for the Dubai Traveller

travel2When taking a trip abroad, it is imperative that you purchase travel insurance. There are numerous plans that you can purchase and customize to your own individual needs. The travel insurance package must be purchased prior to the date of your trip. Listed below is a few different types of coverage available to you.

Trip Cancellation – Trip Interruption

Sometimes the unexpected happens which is totally out of your control and you need to end or cancel your trip. It could be from an emergency in your family, illness to you or your travel companion. This coverage will allow a refund of your travel package. Coverage is also available for an unplanned incident that requires you to take a one way trip back home.

Flight Accident

This coverage is for accidental death, major injuries such a loss of sight or limbs while in flight.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment

This plan is similar to the flight accident coverage, however, this coverage extends to you for any incident that occurs while on the trip. Not during the flight.


Loss of your luggage en-route to your destination can go missing with a variety of important information in it. It is recommended that any important papers like passport, money, medications be carried with you on board. If they have lost your walker or wheelchair, the insurance will assist you immediately.

Student Medical Travel

Students traveling to different schools all over the world need to buy medical insurance. It is extremely important that you research the coverage and obtain it before you leave. The travel insurance above is not meant to cover you for medical expenses. This travel plan will cover you for the basics needed while traveling to and from a different location.  There are student medical plans which are quite affordable. They will cover doctors appointments, dental, physiotherapy. If you consider the alternative of paying hundreds just for a doctor’s appointment and medication, it is well worth the investments.  Some of the medical plans do come in packages. Here are a few medical benefits, you must have in your policy. 

Emergency Medical Care

This allows you up to $1 million emergency or non-emergency medical care. The most important type of coverage you should buy, as it covers you up to $1,000,000 for all medical care. It can be used for non emergency or unforeseen emergency medical care. This medical care can be used for all types of medical care, including x-ray, physiotherapy and many more variety of coverage.

Dental Care

It is well worth the time to look for a plan with dental coverage. Dental work can be very costly, and if caught off guard while traveling, it could be very expensive.

Accidental Injury or Fatality

If there is a accidental injury or fatality, coverage in the amount of $10,000 is available to you immediately.

Tuition Loss

There is compensation up to $5,000 should you become ill and cannot complete your studies to pass the course.

Many major credit cards now include a certain amount of travel insurance. Check on their website for more information on that coverage. If you have a benefits policy at work, you may already have coverage You may not be aware of this, but some employee benefit packages also come with limited medical coverage while traveling.

However, most of the ‘no added cost’ benefits such as those with credit cards are quite strictly limited and won’t be anywhere close to a comprehensive travel insurance policy.

Visit for quick and easy travel insurance policies whether for annual business travel, a short vacation or a Schengen visa requirement. We can also cover your valuable personal belongings while you are abroad.


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What is Group Business Travel Insurance?


UAE, one of the largest emerging economies, has a population of approximately 9 million of which 80% are the expatriates. Majority of these expatriates form the UAE’s working population and greatly contribute to the economy’s travel industry. UAE is certainly the commercial hub of the GCC and has growing tourism, trade, logistics, banking, construction and manufacturing sectors. Hospitality industry in itself caters to 12 million visitors per year. Likewise, insurance industry is also growing but still has far lower penetration compared to the US or the UK. The insurance industry has plenty of room for growth and travel insurance is certainly one of the growing areas.

Speaking from a business perspective, if you, as an employer, require your company’s employees to travel frequently for business purposes, they automatically assume that you have a duty of care towards them. If the employee is left stranded because he missed the flight due to a delayed meeting or even a natural peril, he will expect you to pay for the extra accommodation and travel costs that come with it.  Equally, if your employees are injured whilst they are travelling for business reasons, they expect you to financially support them whether by paying for their treatment costs, arranging for the transport back to their home country, or even supporting their family whilst they recover.

Your employees are your most valuable assets and you would surely want to show your commitment to keep them contented. You can easily protect their rights and equally fulfill your responsibility by simply taking out a Group Business Travel Insurance. The following four categories summarise the coverage that a business travel insurance would normally offer your business:

Emergency Medical Expenses Cover

i. Dental accident/Emergency dental treatment.

ii. Emergency medical treatment required due to the insured falling ill or having an accident during the journey.

iii. Emergency evacuation to the nearest hospital e.g. air ambulance.

iv. Compassionate visit, i.e. a family member flying in to accompany the insured in the hospital.

v. Child’s tuition fee if the parent/insured is out of work and unable to support due to an accident/illness.

Travel Inconvenience:

i. Flight delays due to circumstances not under the insured’s control.

ii. Loss of luggage or baggage delays.

iii. Cancellation of the travel plans, tickets, hotel bookings, etc due to an accident or illness of the insured.

iv. Hijack, Ransom and Kidnap.

Personal Accident Cover:

i. Lump sum payment if there is an accidental death or permanent disablement of the employee.

ii. Repatriation expenses.

iii. Partial disablement.

Travel Assistance: This assistance acts like your personal concierge service, providing you with all sorts of assistance that you might require whilst traveling. This could be anything from locating the closest ATM for your card, ensuring that you are treated at a reliable hospital with a specialist doctor, arranging your transport to rebooking your travel and much more.

You would normally be given a choice to take out an annual policy covering your employees every time they travel during the year or otherwise purchase a set number of days and keep deducting the days your employees travel, each time requiring you to issue a new policy for them.

With increasing globalization and competition, many employers now aim to provide a comprehensive list of benefits to its employees. Offering them travel insurance is certainly an add-on for them especially when they are required to travel frequently for business reasons. Normally, this insurance can be extended and be used for the number of days your employees go for a leisure trip as well.

As several countries recover from the recession, many companies are now gradually experiencing growth in their businesses and equally the need for taking up various projects worldwide. Often this requires their employees to travel depending on their level of expertise. With increasing demand for corporate travel, we also see a soaring need for business travel insurance. It is crucial that your business keeps up with the market trend, not just to increase and sustain the company’s growth and profitability, but also to help your company retain the key talent and recruit the best.

Whether you’re looking to take up an individual travel insurance policy or looking into buying a cover for the business travelers of your company, please be in touch with us on and we would be happy to give you various options, implement the cover and thereafter also manage your claims for you on a fast-track basis. 

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