Importance of Customer Service in Auto Insurance

customer_serviceCustomer service is the most difficult aspect for most of the insurance companies, it is something which can build or break the company and it’s one of the reasons due to which most of the companies fail to retain their customers.  Similarly when we talk about auto insurance no doubt that good customer service is a key point to success. Now a days we see that many new car insurance companies entering but due to poor customer service and unfulfilled promises they fail to survive in the market or unable to retain their existing customers, as it’s a fact that customers repeatedly want to stick with the companies those provide good customer service as it’s a relationship between customer and company so most of the people are very concerned about it.  So in today’s world it’s exceptionally important for firms to treat their clients with special care and help them with all their queries and requirements.

As auto insurance is something non-tangible so it’s never easy for a customer to purchase a policy or in other word it’s the promises customer buy in exchange of the premium he/she pays so it’s very essential for the company to fulfill their promises,  and maintain a good relation with their clients. because if they won’t do that they will start getting out of business and trust me losing one single customer means losing many of your valuable clients so always be there for your clients and try to give the best out of you. But along with that it’s equally important for customers to go for the right policy with the right insurance company and making sure that rather than just looking for the cheaper policies they should look for the other factors as well including Good customer service, policy features and claims service, which are very important and one should go through as at the end of the day when we talk about auto insurance policy it’s something where customer doesn’t file their claims every day.  So the day you need help from your insurance advisor regarding claims or any query and he doesn’t give the service which he promised at the time of selling the policy how will it feel!  Similarly there are many other such cases where most of the customers come to know that they were in wrong hands!

Claim is one of the most important aspects when we talk about insurance sector. It’s the time when they actually have to prove their abilities and it’s when proper time management and commitment get tested, as most of the companies take huge time to even approve claims as at the end its customer who suffers, and to be very frank many of them don’t even have claim managers who can proceed with the process in quick time and try to get your car to road ASAP. Without proper time management it’s impossible to be effective and efficient so it’s advisable to get into business only with professional people who really value their clients and understand the true meaning of commitment.

For more information about getting comprehensive auto insurance policy in the UAE you can meet Alfred at InsuranceMarket.

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Auto insurance policy- Questions and answers series 1

question markEvery day we get a chance to meet clients from different countries and trust me it’s always fun being with them and we try our level best to come up with their requirements we always suggest our clients to study their policy and we are right there to answer all your queries.
Following are some common questions that can really help in understanding the auto insurance policy in the UAE.

Why can’t the insurance and registration be two different names?

Generally the policy holder of the auto insurance policy is the registered owner and driver of the car. He/she must have financial interest in the car. The name that has been stated on the insurance certificate will be used by the traffic department for registering the car.

How do you calculate my car insurance premium?

There are several factors that are associated with the process of calculating your auto insurance premium. Some of them are like your age, years of driving experience, your location, type of car you do drive and its value, whether you have any claim history etc.

How can I make a claim?

I had written one article on the same issue. I’ve explained the process step by step there. Please click here to go for the details.

What about the deductible if I make a claim?

It’s actually customer’s contribution at the time of claim that can’t be fully recovered from a third party.


 Once there will be a claim can I get a car as a substitute of my own, as mine will be in the garage that time?

To avail this facility you need to opt for the option “Rental of Alternative Vehicle” at the time of initiation of the car insurance policy for an additional premium of AED 150

Which garages will you use to repair the car?

If you’ve selected Agency repairs then your car will be repaired at the car’s certified dealership. Otherwise your insurance provider will select one of their own authorised repairers.  Your car will always be transferred to the expert and qualified personnel for quality service.

Whether and how could I be eligible for permanent Agency Repair cover?

Agency repair is available for a car for up to 2 years from its first registration. If you agree to provide excess premium then the cover can be extended up to 5 years.

Can I choose the garage for repairing my car?

Whenever getting a car insurance policy in Dubai or across the UAE if you opted for Agency Repair then your car would be repaired at main authorised dealership. In other case your auto insurance provider would select one of its approved repairers. Generally the selection of garage depends on the factors like damage you’ve got in your car, type of car etc.

Why do I need 13 months of insurance for my car instead an annual insurance of 12 months?

The Traffic Registration Department requires 13 months motor insurance certificate, in order to cover 1 month registration grace period provided at the end of 12 month registration period.

Some important issues are still there. You could have more questions in your mind. In my second Question and Answer series I’ll bring some new ones for you. You can also go through our FAQ section for more questions and answers related to your UAE car insurance policy.

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Six ways to save Dirhams on your Car Insurance

dirhamsWhen coming up with your insurance premium, your car insurance company looks at many things – the car you’re driving, who you are, where you live, what the car will be used for etc. By understanding which factors cause your car insurance premium to change and in which direction, you may actually be able to make conscious choices to save yourself some money.

However, you must be careful about misrepresentation (i.e. lying to reduce the cost of your insurance) as this can lead to your insurer denying your claim. Use the following information correctly and you’ll become a better risk for the insurance company and that’s how you’ll enjoy a better insurance premium! Here we go:

1. Buy the type of car that has a good history – some cars are bought by risk averse people (people who don’t like risky stuff) and some cars are bought by risk seeking people (people who don’t mind a bit of risk). Of course, nobody consciously goes off and decides to buy a car that is more accident prone – it’s just that certain types of cars are purchased by a certain type of person which leads to, overall, a trend of risky cars and not-so-risky cars. Generally a coupe or a sports car is a high risk vehicle while SUVs and Sedans a re better off risks. The more expensive cars are also lower risk for the insurance company. Some low risk car makes are Volvo, Range Rover, Audi and Mercedes. On the other hand, some high risk vehicle makes are Dodge, Ford Mustang, Lamborghini and Nissan Maxima and Patrol.

2. Bring a no claims certificate – with a no claims certificate you show the insurance company that you are less likely to make an accident because you have a history of claims free driving. This is great news for the insurance company and hence they would give you a better price to make sure they win your business. Sometimes, a certificate may not be necessary and just a self declaration of no claims can do the job! It depends on the special facilities that your broker has and which insurance companies they are running such schemes with.

3. Don’t cut corners – one way to save money is actually to spend more money when buying your insurance – so that you don’t have to end up paying more at the time of an accident! To save some cash, you can go for a dodgy B-category insurance company, or you could save a couple of hundred dirhams by not taking up personal accident benefits or rent-a-car or breakdown recovery services. These things are relatively much cheaper to buy so that you don’t have to spend a lot more when an unfortunate incident occurs!

4. Take some risk voluntarily – with the above point in mind, you must realise that some things you can take a risk on if you believe you are a great driver. Don’t take a big risk – take a small risk that can save you some money at the beginning but if things don’t go as planned – at least you won’t lose too much. The best way to do this is to take up a voluntary excess. Though rarely requested, voluntary excesses are a great mechanism to save car insurance premiums. Say, for example, you have an AED 750 excess on your brand new Land Cruiser and you’re paying a premium of AED 6000. Why not go ahead an save an AED 500 by opting for an excess of AED 2500? If you know you’re going to be taking good care of your brand new asset and that you will not make any ‘at-fault’ claims (excess is only paid when you’re at fault or when there is no third party to claim from) then why not take the risk. In the worst case scenario, which is the reason why we buy insurance, you would only stand to lose an AED 1750 more than you otherwise would have but hey – that shouldn’t financially cripple you! Hence, this is a risk worth taking – it also shows the insurance company that you’re really confident in your driving – so confident that you’re willing to share the risk with them, which would make them want you more, which in turn increases your negotiation power with them! Tell your broker to fight your case for a huge discount with a voluntary excess!

5. Tell your insurer about all the good things about your risk – information is super important when it comes to insurance. While it’s an effort, it’s one worth making. If you drive your cars only a few times each month – let us know. If you park it securely in a garage at your villa, let us know. If you live in the Marina area, where claims are lesser than elsewhere in Dubai, let us know! These things can save your money.

6. Come to Alfred! Your personal shoppers at are trained to make the necessary effort to make sure that we procure the best possible car insurance premium for you – give it a shot!

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What your motor insurance company in the UAE covers once you get any loss or damage in your car?

car_damageDo you know what type of covers your insurance provider can offer you once there would be any damage in your car?

1.  In the UAE the insurance companies undertake to cover the insured for loss or damage to the insured car, its accessories and additional parts whilst there on:
a) By accident or any collision happened due to accident or overturning consequent upon involuntary breakdown or consequent upon wear and tear.
b) Any damage caused by fire, external explosion, self detonation or even due to lightning and or thunderbolt.
c) By robbery or theft
d) It can be a malicious act by any third party
e) Whilst in transit within the defensive limit specified by the motor insurance policy (including the process of loading and unloading incidental to such transit) by road rail inland waterway lift or elevator relating to the said transportation.

2.  The respective insurance company of your car will pay in cash the amount of loss or damage or will renovate, re-establish or even replace the car or any part of the car including the accessories or spare parts and the liability of the company will not exceed the replacement value of the parts lost or damaged and the reasonable cost of fitting or fixing such parts, unless the insured request the company to pay him/her the amount in cash. In such case the insurance company has to respond to the insured person’s request.

After an accident if the insured person will ask for new parts instead any damaged part or if the person anytime is willing to get its value in cash, the respective motor insurance policy provider has to admit that. The insured person is liable for the depreciation percentages as mentioned in the below table:

Year Percentage
1st year
2nd year 5%
3rd year 10%
4th year 15%
5th year 20%
6th year 30%

For taxi and rental cars the insured person will be legally responsible for the depreciation percentages as mentioned below:

Year Percentage
1st year 10%
 2nd year 20%
3rd year 25%
4th year 30%
5th year 35%
6th year 40%

3. The insured person has the right to repair the damage caused by an accident covered under the motor insurance policy provided the total cost of such repair does not exceed the Authorised Repair Limit mentioned in the schedule attached to this policy and the insured should forward to the company without delay a detailed estimate of the cost along with the bill.

4. In another case where insured car sustains loss or damage and considered as Total Loss whereas the cost of repair goes beyond 50% of its value before the accident. The respective car’s insured value settled by the insured and the insurer at the time of insurance and affirmed in the schedule of this policy would be the basis of estimation for loss or damage under section One.

5. The insured value of the vehicle agreed by the insured and insurer at the time of insurance and declared in the schedule of the policy will be the basis of calculation for loss or damage under section One, after deducting depreciation/ not exceeding 20% annually of the vehicle’s value stated in the schedule attached to this policy for the first year of registration, taking into account a comparative part of the year.

As from the 2nd year of registration depreciation not exceeding 20% annually of the vehicle’s value stated in the schedule of the policy should be removed subject to the following proportion

– 5% beginning of the first month upto the end of 3rd month

– 10% from the starting of the 4th month upto the end of the 6th month

– 15% from the starting of the 7th month upto the end of the 9th month

– 20% from the beginning of the 10th month upto the expiration of the 12th month

6. If the car is immobilised by cause of loss or damage insured under this policy, the company will bear the logical cost of safety and removal to the nearest repairers and delivery to the garage within the country where the loss or damage was sustained.

Do you want to know more or want to discuss anything related to this article? Meet Alfred at InsuranceMarket for more detailed queries.

[References: Policy Handbook/Motor Perfect by AXA, Your Executive Plus Motor Insurance Policy by RSA]

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Motor Insurance Terms Explained – Series 3

Businessman on a mobile phone in front of a broken carBringing you yet another addition to the series, I will be explaining just one term ‘Breakdown Recovery’, but in great detail considering that many of my clients do not take full advantage of this service, perhaps because they are not aware of the benefits of this cover can offer.

In a nutshell, breakdown recovery means the services that the insurance company offers to recover your car if it breaks down and needs mechanical repairs whether on the spot or at the garage. Some insurance companies even offer this cover as a standalone for a small price along with the Third Party Liability insurance, if you choose not to go ahead with the comprehensive motor insurance in which it is included anyway. This cover offers the following benefits to the insured:

  1. Towing service: if your car stops in the middle of the journey, just does not start and requires mechanical repairs/servicing, then the insurance company will provide towing service at no cost to the nearest garage. Equally if the insured car is involved in an accident, the car will be towed anywhere within the city.
  2. Battery charge: If the battery of the insured car has ‘died’, the insurance company will either provide the recharge facility to get your car up and running or will provide the towing service to the nearest garage free of charge.
  3. Flat tyre change: Given that an inflated tyre is available with the insured at the time of the breakdown, the insurance company will provide the facility to change the tyre if you, as an insured, do not know how to change it yourself or have no tools to do it. However, if the inflated tyre is not available then the car will be towed to the nearest garage free of cost.
  4. Petrol delivery: If your car has run out of fuel, the insurance company will provide emergency fuel to help you get to the nearest petrol station. Even though this service itself is free of charge, the fuel costs however will have to be paid by the insured.
  5. Locked out service:The insurance company will try and open the lock if you are locked out of your car under the supervision of the authorities.
  6. Desert recovery service: This recovery service is only available if you own a 4×4 and your car is stranded in a desert.
  7. Registration services: If an insured needs to re-register the vehicle, then the insurance company will pick up the car from the location requested and finish off the registration to provide the convenience to the insured. The insured will have to make the appointment with the insurance company to utilise this service.
  8. Mechanical repairs: If your car does not start, the insurance company will take care of the minor mechanical repairs to get your car back on the road as soon as possible. Note that the insurance company will not be able to offer any spare parts towards to repairs of your vehicle.
  9. International driving license:Some insurance companies also offer an international driving license to the insured as an add-on service for a small charge.
  10. Off road recovery: If your car is stuck off road, the insurance company will provide the facility to bring it back on the road. You can also be towed to the nearest garage if it needs repairs.

Well that is it for now. I hope that you will now use as much of these free services as possible and relieve yourself from such bothersome tasks if your car ever breaks down. Ask your insurance companies or brokers to give you the road assistance number (if they haven’t already!) and keep it with you at all times – You never know when it can come handy!

Series 4 is on its way!

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What does your auto insurance ‘fast track claims service’ actually do for me and is it really that important?

fast_track_UAEWhen you buy your car insurance from InsuranceMarket, your personal shopper would tell you about the added value fast track claims service that would be available to you, if you happen to have an accident. They would tell you that your dedicated claims manager would take care of the process for you. Here is a description of the role that your dedicated claims manager plays at the time of a claim:

1)    Arrange for any emergency needs: breakdown recovery, ambulance etc.; like your personal shopper, your dedicated claims manager is available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year;

2)    Generate your claim number promptly through our internal automated systems – removing the need for a long process to ‘open a file’ at the insurance company;

3)    Advise you on the workshop where the car may be repaired and ensure that they do the right thing and on a priority basis;

4)    Follow up on your repair and keep you updated through the process; push for action – very much required in a place like the UAE;

5)    Support in any post claims service required;

6)    Negotiate on your behalf with claims adjusters from a technical perspective on the bigger or gray area claims; arrange joint meetings if necessary; sometimes your claims manager may bring in the senior management at AFIA (’s parent company) to help resolve a large claim;

Why it is important?:

In a place like the UAE, where things may not be as litigious and service standards vary significantly between organisations and even within organisations, insurance can become a very slippery area for an individual policyholder at the time of a claim. It is simply not enough to have a policy that mentions appropriate covers – a client needs a committed relationship from a team of people that promise support when it is most required. Lots of things can go wrong – the insurance company can usually quite easily find ways to deny a claim or to cover only partially. Moreover, and more often, errors by workshops can impose further costs on you. Sometimes, your repairs are delayed for weeks because the workshops don’t have the time to deal with your repairs or have more important priorities. All of this can become very costly, inconvenient and even rather painful for you.

When you buy your insurance from us, you are promised that a claims assessor or workshop would not subject you to call centers, ‘company policies’ and just general sub-standard service (or even worse, cheeky business to save the insurer’s money). You would be dealing with sincere human beings who would do everything to have your problem solved as soon as possible – human beings that represent you in front of the corporation, assessors and workshops.

We understand that it is at the time of a claim that we really have to deliver outstanding service (not only at policy issuance when we’re being paid) and going an extra mile to help you out when you have an accident eventually benefits our business through your positive feedback and word of mouth – this inspires us to keep doing what we’re doing. This is what keeps us going – we believe in the win-win situation that is brought about by giving you outstanding claims service.

Please visit us on for your car, health, home, travel and small business insurance solutions. 


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