Pre-Travel Tips for your Home

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Just because you are leaving on a trip of a life time, don’t forget to take second look around your house. There are some insurance requirements that you need to take care of before you leave:

  • Make sure you have all smoke detectors on every level of the home.  It is also a good idea to check the electronic detectors as they can get old like everything else and stop working. A carbon dioxide detector should be checked at the same time. If you have a 24/7 monitored alarm system, it will pick up on the alarms.
  • Do not keep money at home. If you have a lot of cash, put it in a safety deposit box at the bank. Home invasions are at an all time high. Your life is more important than your money or high priced jewellery. You could be walking back to your house after your vacation to a serious situation.
  • Don’t let it be too easy for a thief to steal or break-in to your car. Never leave anything valuable in the car and make sure it is locked. If you are not using your vehicle for your trip, ask a neighbour to park their car there off and on so it looks like someone is home. You could even leave your keys with them to move periodically.
  • Check your door and window locks. If you live in a house with a basement, some people will put bars on the inside for additional security.
  • Have your mail and newspapers stopped while you are away.  You might mention to your neighbour that if they see a moving truck in your driveway, to call police, because it is not you.
  • It is a good idea to have someone go in and just check around to make sure everything is alright. This is a crucial rule with some home policies. Many insurers want someone checking every 4 days. It is mainly to make sure there is no water that has backed up in the house or if there was a power outage, that your freezer goods were not affected.
  • Check all your electrical plugs to make sure they are dust free and unplug all the ones you can. There is no need for them be on.
  • Before you leave, take copies of passports, driving license, health cards, credit cards and put them in a safe outside the home, like a safety deposit box. This is a great way to prevent Identity Theft, and more important, if something happens abroad where your wallet or passport is stolen, you can call the bank to confirm your documentation with the people at customs. You don’t want to be denied entry to your own Country.
  • Most thieves can spot a tourist within minutes. Carry your money close to you in a money belt or front pocket. Change the pin on credit cards and your debit while you are way.

Have a great trip!!

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One thought on “Pre-Travel Tips for your Home

  1. This is a great check list! When your traveling, you don’t want to worry about what you left behind. It just makes for a stressful vacation when all you want to do is relax. Be safe, be smart and cover all your basis, that’s when you can truly relax.

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