Salvage of Vehicles

accident1People are always asking why they cannot keep their vehicle after it has been involved in an accident and is written off by their insurance Company. You may think the damage is not that bad but, looks can be deceiving. They used to allow the owner of the vehicle the choice of either just allowing the insurance company to salvage it or they would offer the client the option of keeping it. 

The damage to your vehicle would cost more to repair than the car is worth. They will not pay more than it is worth, so they may offer you a settlement of 3672 AED. They would keep the vehicle. If you wanted to keep and car, the settlement amount would be reduced to say 2571 AED, with you keeping the car. They lower the payment as the insurance company will be responsible for the salvage charges.

The option of buying back your car was discontinued due to a couple of different reasons.
1. The vehicle may not look too bad on the outside, but it was the inside frame of the car which was compromised, so it would not be safe to drive.
2. The vehicle might be fixed by a friend down the road that owns a garage and would fix it just enough to legally put it on the road.
3. Nothing would be done on it. Looks fine. Insured keeps driving it.

I was told by my underwriter at an Insurance Company that they stopped using that practice. They were finding that people took the money and vehicle but would not get it fixed. These vehicles were not repaired and were being driven on the road again. One of their clients sold off the vehicle to another person. That person ended up in a serious at fault accident. The claim proceeded as normal until it showed that the vehicle had already been written off in an accident. The Original Company ended up being sued because they allowed the vehicle back on the road.

It has become law through many DMV, Insurance Authorities, that any vehicle that has been written off by an insurance company will have the vehicle blacklisted and marked on the ownership.

There are now car history reports that you must purchase, before it is licensed showing all accidents that occurred with that vehicle.

If your vehicle is stolen and then returned to you. The adjusters will want your vehicle checked for all issues that could have been compromised while not in your care. Baby seats are an important factor as well. They should be replaced if they are involved in any type of accident.

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