Car Insurance in the UAE – Weather

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How the weather in the UAE effects all aspects of your life and what you can do to be insurance proof your investments.

In the UAE it seems that during a few months, the problem there is the Sandstorms which are similar to a blinding blizzard.

It is a double or trip whammy in UAE. The sandstorms can affect the performance of your vehicles, pipes in your home and most importantly your life. Here are a few ways to avoid insurance claims on your policy for auto and medical insurance policy.

Auto Insurance

It is possible that these sandstorms can create major engine problems. It is possible for it to get into the engine, exhaust, fuel tanks, windshield wiper holder and possibly into your transmission lines. If you can’t see while you are driving, it will be very hard to avoid having an accident. Remember there are other people out there trying to drive too. The best advise is not even to drive in conditions like that.

There are a few preventative tasks you can do to lower the risk of any of these things happening to you.

  1. Always check your tires. If the tires have no tread, your car it not going to be able to stop suddenly to avoid an accident.
  2. Check you filters everyday and make sure they are clear.
  3. If possible, cover the vehicle when not in use.
  4. Always make sure you check your fluids to make sure they are clear.
  5. Make sure your windows are closed

Home insurance

  1.  Make sure all your windows are closed.
  2.  Check the outside piping to make sure all is secure
  3.  Electrical panels or plugs for outdoor lighting.
  4.  If you do have a pool, cover it 

The main concern here is really the blockage of sand in a live electrical plug or panel. Even a pool filter could be affected.

Insurance on a Boat, ATV or other recreational type vehicle.

  1. Boat should be totally covered especially the motor. Sand around water is mud and you could have a big expense on your hands if sand gets into the electrical area. Motors are not cheap and you will probably have large an excess or deductible.
  2. The ATV and other recreational vehicles also have the motor, electric issue as well as an excess or deductible.

Sickness and Health

  1. If you put water into a small balloon and then empty it, pour in a handful of sand, shake and them empty it, it you look into the balloon, you can get an idea of what your lungs are dealing with every time you step outside without a mask.
  2. This must be taken seriously especially with young children. Asthma is a killer for many. Adding sand to the mixture could cause irreversible damage. Situations like this are the reasons you need to take out an accident and sickness policy or make sure you are covered properly.

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