Questions you asked and the answers you wanted to know about car insurance in Dubai

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What happens if my unlicensed child takes my car out for a joy ride and smashes up the car and damages another person’s property?

In order to have your vehicle fixed by the insurance company, you would actually have to charge your son/daughter with theft. Your Insurance would pay for the other persons damages.

Can I keep the collision and comprehensive on my vehicle if it is over 10 years old? 

Collision Coverage

If you call a car dealer just to get an unbiased opinion, they will give you the book value of the car. This is normally how the insurance adjusters value your vehicle. As an example: You have an accident and total the car. It is a 1999 Dodge Neon and the dealer has told you it is worth about $900. You have collision coverage on the vehicle, however your excess is $500 and the premium you paid to have the collision was $150. You would only end of getting $900 – $650 = $250 and there is a chance it would be more depreciation on the car.  It is not worth it. Many of the Insurance Companies wont insure vehicles at that age, but some still do. There are cases that the vehicle is not a classic or antique but is in perfect condition, has low mileage and only driven in the summer months. If this is the case, a picture of the vehicle and perhaps an appraisal, they may insure it to value.

Comprehensive coverage

Comprehensive is another physical damage coverage which, if allowed to keep on the policy would be good for windshield coverage. You may have your excess to pay, but it may be worth your while to pay and keep it. This of course depends on the specific rules of the company.

If I leave the Country, should I cancel my auto insurance? 

It is a good idea to check on that. Some of the auto accident benefits coverage may not cover you of out of country or even local areas.

Why should I put my home and auto policies together?

This is a question that is asked all the time. One answer is because you will get a multi-line discount. Another reason is the contents of your car are insured under your home policy. You will only have to deal with one adjuster and possibly only have to pay one deductible.

What happens if my policy gets canceled?

Insurance premiums are spread over a year. If you cancel prior to the expiry date of the policy you will get a portion of the money back unless you have had an accident.

Can the Insurance and Registration be in two different names?

No. The ownership and insurance must legally be in the same name. 

Do you insure high value cars?

The best way to get a quote on a high valued vehicle is to call your agent. These vehicle differ in the way the insurance calculates the premiums.

Homeowners Insurance

If all my belongings are lost in a fire, how do I prove to the insurance company that I had what I say I had?

There is a burden of honesty that is expected from Insurance Customers. Insurance Company can investigate your claims, however it is a good idea to take pictures, videos appraisals, anything of great value. This information should be kept elsewhere.

Alfred has recently shared some wonderful videos on car insurance. You can watch them and share your personal thoughts with us. 

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