Being Frugal Rocks – Saving Dirhams on Auto Insurance in Dubai

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What is my car insurance premium?

Those six words are probably said everyday by someone when they open their auto insurance renewal. It comes as a complete shock if it has increased because they have had no accidents, no traffic tickets or no claims.

Many say, it is, what it is. Well it’s not. There are consumers who are to busy to worry about it. They just let the payments come out of their bank account each month. There are others who do call, and are given that global excuse that the rates have gone up everywhere. Many consumers get angry but do not inquire any further. This is the point that you should start asking questions. Don’t ever feel intimidated or inferior when calling your broker, they will explain the legal jargon to you. It is their job.

Having had hundreds of people call me and ask me that question over the years, I probably have saved people enough money over the years to buy a car, a boat, maybe both. Here is a list of the questions you need to ask your broker.

  • Do I get an age discount?

Many Insurance Companies are starting to offer age discounts at 50yrs. The rate usually starts at 5% and it increases every 5 years. When you turn 55yrs, it should increase to 10% .

  • How is my policy rated?

Insurance premiums are set with many variables. One is the cost of driving to and from work. If you are not driving to work, be sure to ask about that. There are low mileage discounts are available for you.

  • We only have one car, but my son lives at home and has a car

Each Company differs, however they will usually give you a multi-car discount if he is insured with them, plus he will get the same discount plus an additional multi-line discount.

  • We have a home policy with you, do we get a discount for that?

Yes, discounts for insuring your home and auto together is usually about 10%.

  • My husband and I are retired, is there a discount for that?

If you are retired, there is a retiree discount that you should get on top of the age discount.

  • Do I have to pay a service fee to take advantage of the monthly payment plan?

Yes, the service fee is usually around 5% of the total premium. That can be a lot of money if your premium is high. There is usually an alternate pay plan which is set up 40/30/30. You would pay 40% when it is due, 30%,three months later and the remaining 30% three months after that.

  • Is there any coverage we don’t need on the policy?

Yes there is optional coverage, but get your broker/agent to explain all the pros and cons before deleting anything.

  • Do we have an accident protector endorsement on the policy?

Ask to make sure you do have this coverage. If not, ask them to add it to the policy. It may cost $50, but if you have an accident, without it, your rate will drop and you will pay hundreds over the years.

  • We have been with this Company for many years, do we get a loyalty discount?

Yes, there usually are loyalty discounts and new business discounts if you go to another Company.

At we work very hard to get you a better deal!

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Crime Insurance for Small Business

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What is crime Insurance?

Crime insurance is a broad term used to describe a selection of individual coverage relating to the taking of money, securities,and property from a business or organization. It is sometimes divided up between losses that take place inside the business premises and loss that occur outside the premise. Crime Insurance can include employee dishonesty, forgery, theft and robbery burglary or fraud.

Why do I need it? 

Unfortunately, in this day and age, crime continues to rise as more and more businesses use the internet. There are all different types of crime and each has it’s place in a business property policy. Many owners assume that Crime Insurance is including it the Small business package they purchased, however most of the time it is not. It is imperative that you discuss your business insurance with an agent to make sure you are protected. There are a few different types.

Fraud and Embezzlement

Due to economical conditions, fraud is at the top of the list. Sometimes it is not noticed for years. Fraud has always been around, but not to the extent it is now is now. Use of the internet has brought out the worst in people, as it is very hard to track a source down. The sad part is that it could be someone in your office, who you have trusted with confidential information only to find out that funds have gone missing.  They have targeted you and once they know the routines of the office, they will swipe the money from right under your nose.  This could be devastating considering you have private information of your clients, which they probably have taken as well. Check forgery, dummy accounts that have had no red flags of any problems.


Is the unlawful taking of money, by using force or violence or the threat of force or violence. Robbery coverage is only applicable if you are open and present at the time.

Employee Dishonesty Crimes 

When property or money has disappeared due to the criminal act of an employee, a regular crime coverage will not respond to the loss. Most crime policies are set up to protect you from outside crime. You must purchase an Employee Dishonesty policy for any type of internal type of crime.

Best ways to protect yourself against Employee Dishonesty? 

It is absolutely impossible to look over the shoulder of all your employees each day. Here are a few suggestions that may help.

Only give authorization to any banking or accounting personnel who you trust and need the access. A small department looking after all the accounts with high access to a manager, a bit less for an assistant and virtually no access for a data entry clerk. The procedures in place for accounting, payroll, customer payments should be safe if there is a solid procedure in place.

There should only be one person besides you that has check signing authority.

There are specialty software packages available that can be used outside the program all your employees use every day.

Only give the keys to the people who need them.

Security Cameras at all entrances

Always change locks on your business when a key holder leaves the business.

Coverage to a building caused by a Burglary 

If you are renting a building for your business, and there is damage due to a burglary, break-in , it is possible that you will be responsible to pay for any damage caused to the property or building. 

If you are the owner, you may need to have a comprehensive policy to cover the damage. A basic fire policy would not cover damage to the building.

For more information on crime insurance you can meet Alfred at

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Golf and Event Insurance in Dubai

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Golf is such a relaxing sport and very popular among the UAE residents. The equipment used for this game can be very expensive. Even the golf balls are quite expensive. Because of the growing interest in golf, there a a few Insurance Companies that are offering an excellent golf insurance policy. Listed below are a few of the features of a Golf Insurance package.

Legal Liability

Most people shooting a golf ball, usually hit it in the general area of the hole, but if the ball does go astray and causes property damage, you will have the insurance to cover any of the damage. This coverage also covers you for any type of injury to another person the limits of this type of insurance vary Company to Company, but you should ask for the highest liability limit that is available.

Personal Accident

This type of policy offers disability or sudden death coverage. The limits and list of the benefit coverage vary by the Insurance Company.

Golfing equipment

Loss or theft of your golf clubs or any other equipment would be covered. It would insure your for accidental loss of or damage to your golf clubs, golf bags and other golfing equipment, including while in transit. This coverage will also cover the breakage of a golf club during play.

Personal effects

The policy covers accidental loss or damage to a few of the personal effects you may take to the Golf club. There are exclusions to the policy such as it will not cover money, credit cards, or documents. Watches and any other type of jewellery are only covered if you were wearing the item or they were locked in your locker at the club. It is much safer just taking what you need to the club.

Hole in one

Yes!!! If you happen to make the shot of your life and score a hole in one on any regulation golf course, we will pay a customary cash amount for the ‘nineteenth hole’ expense. 

Baggage delay

In case your golf bag is delayed or lost by the airline for more than 12 hours, we will pay for the hiring of golf equipment to use for your stay.

Events Insurance

If you have ever organized a special event, you know how much work goes into the planning and the preparation of the event. There are some situations such as weather, that just cant be avoided. Having to postpone or cancel the event can be very costly. If you had hired a celebrity, music band or a D.J. to appear, the cancellation fees would surely be very expensive.

Events usually have smaller contract agreements such as a liquor license, cost of food, servers and the actual location that was hosting the event. Check to see if they have any cancellation waivers built into their coverage.

You do not hear about this type of insurance very often, but it is there for you to purchase. It is definitely a wise choice to purchase this type of Insurance. One of the perks is that they will pay for any profits you would have made if it had not been cancelled.

You can meet Alfred to have your event insured!

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