Questions to ask your Broker when shopping for car and home insurance in Dubai?

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Auto Insurance Dubai:

  • Why have my rates gone up when my vehicle is older than last year?

The premiums are not only based on the vehicle itself, they are based on driving experience, driving record and previous accidents.

  • What can I do to bring the cost down?

Ask your broker about any discounts you are qualified for this year or  if you can change any type of coverage like a deductible.

  • Am I qualified for any additional discounts this year?

If you have you home insured with your auto, you can get a multiline discount and possibly more.

  • Why are the rates so high for my son?

Most statistics show that young drivers, are involved in more accidents than those with more experience.

  • My car is only worth AED 10,000, why is my comprehensive insurance AED 1000? That is a 10% rate.

Comprehensive insurance in Dubai is subject to minimum premiums which must be charged regardless of car value. This is usually around the AED 1000 mark.

  • What are these new medical benefits? Are they mandatory? If you only had one question you could ask your broker, this would be it.

Accident Benefits are a very complex and you will find there are    different layers consisting of injuries, medical care, long term health issued. You should call and make an appointment with us for a breakdown of what coverage you have.

  • Can I increase the limits and the deductibles on my policy?

Yes to both, sometimes any additional premium is wiped out by the credit you will get increasing your deductible.

  • Does the alarm system on my vehicle lower my rates?

Yes, but in two different ways, first, the alarm system put in the vehicles by the manufacturers; have already been taken into consideration when originally assigned a vehicle code. Secondly, alarm systems you put in the vehicle will probably give you a discount. It is wise to check with your broker to find out the make of the system, as some do not qualify.

Home Insurance Dubai:

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  • Does my coverage allow me “new for old” personal belongings

Yes within reason. It is best to video your inside belongings and keep receipts for high value items.

  • Do I have the highest Liability Coverage in case someone sues me?

This is very important. If you feel you need more coverage, and you are already at maximum limit, inquire about an “Umbrella or an Excess Liability” policy.

  • What if I have to leave my home because of a fire. Would my temporary living costs be covered

Most homeowner polices do have that type of coverage built in to the policy. That coverage is worth the premium in itself.

  • Are there any discounts on the home policy?

Yes, if you insure your home and auto with the same Company. Each company has its own.

  • I have expensive jewelry. Is there a limit on the policy.

There are limits with different insurers, your broker will be able to give you the advise you need to insure jewelry properly.

  • Do I have the best rates or is there another company that has lower rates that I can move to?

We provide the best coverage and rates of any insurance company in the area.

  • If I have an alarm, do I get a discount.

Yes most insurers will offer an alarm discount with receipt of an Alarm company certificate.

  • If I am traveling, should I have someone checking my home?

Yes, you should not leave your house unattended for more that 4 days. Other than the obviously reasons, the concern is the water pipes are not leaking.

Liability Insurance Dubai

  • My dog bit the guy next door, he said he may sue us. Do we have coverage for that?

This is the type of situation that you need the personal liability insurance.

  • I knocked over a glass of red wine on my neighbors carpet – can i pay for the cleaning under my policy

This would fall under your homeowners personal liability for property damage.

  • I drove my car into my neighbors garage, he is not happy.

Yes there is coverage; it would be paid through your auto policy.

  • The tree in my back yard fell on the same neighbors pool, and now he is really unhappy.

Yes, you can inform him that your insurance will take care of the damage.

You can visit to learn about the best deals on your car or home insurance in Dubai.

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