Workmen’s Compensation Insurance in Dubai and across the UAE

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Every business must purchase Worker’s Compensation Insurance or else they risk being exposed to compensation that must be paid as per the UAE labour law if an accidental death or permanent injury occurs due to work related causes. This Insurance confirms that their employer commits their obligations to workers who are injured or become ill to a workplace hazard. It does not matter what the size of your business is, having to take care of your employees on your own, is a very challenging financial situation.

Workers who have been injured or become ill on the job, would probably take legal action against their employers, resulting in a system that would simultaneously made it difficult for workers to obtain compensation for such injuries. This could be potentially devastating to the employer who would be responsible for financial penalties within the regulated law.

Worker’s Compensation laws provide a fairly comprehensive benefits plan to workers who suffer workplace injury or illness. Benefits include lost wages, rehabilitation, medical expenses, and death benefits. If the employer fails to carry workers’ compensation insurance to meet the minimum standard laid out by the insurance regulators, they would have to pay all the costs themselves as well as pay penalties levied by their regulator.  

Worker’s Compensation is a worldwide insurance program that is regulated and governed by each individual country.

The main benefits of this coverage:

    • Occupational Death

Should a worker die as a result of a work-related injury, the member of his family shall be entitled to cash amount of his basic wage up to 24 months.

    • Loss of Wages

If a worker is unable to work due to injuries, there is coverage for a cash allowance equal to his normal salary for up to six months.

    • Permanent Disability

When a worker is permanently disabled, the cash amount is the same as the death benefit. It is given for period of 24 months.

    • Medical Expenses

When you are unable to work due to a work related accident, the employer shall pay for the cost of treatment in a government or private approved medical center. This includes all medical services such as rehabilitation equipment and medicines.

There are additional benefits available that are included in the categories above. If have questions about Workman’s Compensation, check online for the labour laws in your area.

Worker’s compensation does more than just hand out funds to workers that have been injured or have died at the workplace. They continually check complaints of the safety work sites; they will drop in unannounced to different work sites, and offer seminars on safety. Each employer will need to be aware of all the safety regulations and make sure their Company is run abiding by the rules.  There strict laws and huge penalties it your business is not working according to Labour laws. 

To enquire for workmen’s’ compensation insurance, you can meet Alfred or visit the business insurance section of InsuranceMarket.

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