Warning: Insurance Adjusters can Spot Fradulent Claims in Dubai and across the UAE

Image source: srilankanforum.org

Image source: srilankanforum.org

Did you know there is a National Insurance Crime Bureau? This is an association that breaks down and analyzes the type of claims submitted by many clients on factors like type, location, age group, value of items stolen, time of year and the statistics go on.

There are seminars that Insurance Claims Adjusters must attend to keep up with all the new scenarios, which are starting to show up more often different areas as well as the new indicators that seem to be popping up in other areas.

Private Investigators

There really are private investigators that stake out a customers house or work to confirm the injuries he received in a previous accident are true. They will do back ground checks, interview family, neighbors.  It is just not cut and dry like the years gone by, where you would have a check with no questions asked.

Personal Injury Lawyers

This is the type of scam that really does not start out as a serious injury claim however, bad advice from others, could have the client contacting a lawyer. As soon as this happens, it can be turned into a huge personal accident claim, with the lawyers getting most of the money. The good news is that claims adjusters are always on the look for repetition of certain lawyer firms. Insurance Adjusters are becoming accustom to these well know injury firms.

Suspicious Billing

Not only are there devious lawyers out there trying to fraud the insurance companies, there are doctors doing the same thing. Both classes of these professionals are costing the Insurance Companies and the consumers thousands of dollars. You can also add in repair shops, tow trucks and fraudulent estimates. Unfortunately, when you add in the clients submitting their own fraudulent claims, you can get an idea where all the cash is going.

Just a note to say that there are great lawyers and doctors out there that do assist the client and the insurance companies reporting people who have come to them with obviously fraudulent reasons.

Special Investigation Units

There are special units hired by Insurance Companies that are or were high level detectives. The specialise in fire, vandalism, theft and overseas fraud. Most of these people have been working in this field for many years and can spot a fraudulent claim right from the beginning.

Social Media

Who would have thought that Youtube, facebook or twitter would make such a difference in the outcome of a claim. It is not only accessed for “social” reasons anymore, it is used by employers, police, and claims adjusters. What is put on facebook, stays on facebook and can show and outline a person’s daily life.

Cross checking vehicles, clients, addresses, type of claims, weeds out a lot of scammers. These are a few of the types of fraud that is making our premiums increase each year.

Meet Alfred to benefit from lower car insurance and home insurance rates in Dubai thanks to our no-fraud-tolerance policy! We work with our insurance companies to eliminate any kind of fraud in our book which helps us negotiate better terms for our customers.

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