Insurance for the Rich and Famous in Dubai – the Private Client Group

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High Valued Homes are the cream of the crop. They are constructed of only the best materials available. Many are customized by the buyer to their specifications. They have hired only the best architects available and do have the final approval before the house is built.

The inside of these homes could have 10,000 square feet of living space. The home would offer the best materials available such as marble, granite, high end flooring and 7 or 8 bedrooms with a washroom in each room. There would probably be an outdoor recreation area with pool, spa and no doubt, much more.  The house for many would be a dream house. For some, it is just their way of life.

When you own a property like this, it is imperative that you have the correct type of coverage. The majority of Insurance Companies have great coverage available, but for some it just isn’t enough. There are however, Insurance Companies that specifically deal with this level of Insurance. They offer comprehensive all risk coverage at very high levels starting at $1,000,000 and up. When money is of no concern, the clients expect the best insurance coverage available to cover their families, their possessions, as well as every day issues that come up. This is the type of insurance that may be requested.

  • Extremely high valued possessions.
  • First class all the way while flying. Some own their own jet.
  • First class type of Yacht. Including all staff needed
  • Exclusive and Immediate Contact with a select person from the Company at any time
  • Extensive Liability Insurance
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Family protection such as Identity Theft, Kidnapping, ransom
  • Would expect a restaurant to be clear and booked for their party all night.

This is the type of insurance that would be selected for the rich and famous who have sort of an entourage or circle of associates who are there 24 hrs a day. They don’t have the time to call here or there about a claim, the insurance adjusters are specifically trained to handle these types of clients. They know that the client is looking for an adjuster who is there to hand them a check for their immediate needs.

High end insurance companies offer a more comprehensive type policy with more coverage than the standard policy. There is also a new type of home insurance that is made for the mid-market. This class of people would also have very high end possessions, but may not need the full coverage offered on the other policy. This is not to say people that would not qualify for the mid-mart are less than fortunate, it is just a minimum level of Insurance, that would have to be purchased which would cost more and really it is not required for many people.

As mentioned before, about home insurance, it is a good thing to videotape your possessions in the home. Collections quickly add up in value. You might need a more comprehensive policy to fully cover your contents in the house. What every you have, makes you the king or queen of your home. Just look around once in awhile and keep track of collections etc.

At we have a unique proposition for high net worth individuals by the name of Private Client Group, underwritten by a multinational team of first class underwriters. All of the assets can be consolidated under a single umbrella – from the Rolls Royce to the Bombarder Aircraft through to the mansion in Emirates Hills and the megayacht at Dubai Marina!

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