Employee Benefit Insurance Packages

Image source: emirates247.com

Image source: emirates247.com

Some are very lucky to have an employer who offers health insurance coverage within their employee benefit packages. Most are comprehensive plans and offer an array of coverage. What are some of the employee benefits and what do they cover?

  • Employee Benefits are given to a person when they first start working at a Company, They can sometimes take the place if you’re having a higher income. If you have no medical insurance, these benefits are well worth taking a lower salary.
  • The Insurance plans include life insurance, prescription and eyeglass coverage. You can pick out a plan that will pay for all your medical expenses, including hospital stays, ambulance costs, surgery cost or an eye examination. On basic coverage you usually get LTD which means Long Term Disability.
  • Insurers will sometimes include a Dental plan or give you an option to add it too your policy.
  • Critical Care – This coverage is priceless. If you fall ill with a life threatening illness, as an example, cancer, this coverage will give you money immediately to use for whatever you want or need to spend it on. It could be paying for the cost of a relative to fly to your home, all expenses needed for medical care, accessories, transportation and many more.
  • Some insurers offer different types of Pension plans. They are usually the type that whatever you contribute, the employer will match your contribution to the plan. Most pensions can be continued on if your leave that employer so you can continue to pay into it.
  • Income protection is a definite asset to any benefit package. The amount varies depending on your salary.

Employee benefits insurance packages for good for the employee and employer.  When a Company offers an attractive benefit package, it could be the deal breaker when an offer is made to the potential employee. Medical and Dental care, along with prescriptions, or hospital stays is definitely worth taking a lower salary.  

There are also additional benefits that are different from other employees. Hours and time off is a great incentive for all employees. A Company offering to pay for maternity leave, holidays, flexible hours and Company events keep the employees happy especially when they can include their family during a Company picnic or celebration.

Having a presence on the Internet is imperative for all Insurance Companies. They must have all the newest technology and should be available 24/7. Some are setting up “chat lines”. It doesn’t matter if it is auto insurance, home insurance or business insurance or medical, there has to be someone available to assist their customers if an emergency should occur over night.

The brokers could also provide assistance by listing their partner Companies emergency number on their website, or put them on their voicemail.

At insurancemarket.ae we can design the right employee benefits solution for your organisation.

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