Auto Insurance Secrets

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If your vehicle stops working and its time for a new one, notify your broker. If it is a short term situation where your new vehicle purchased will be delayed for 6 weeks or so, you may be able to suspend your coverage until the new one arrives. The reasoning is that you should never have a lapse in your insurance policy. You do not want to cancel your insurance and then have to write up a new policy. If you do cancel your policy, you would have to start all over again with all the paper work and payment plans. One last important issue, if you have had an accident over the last year, you will have to declare that accident, which could result in a higher premium.

If you have an at fault claim, there is usually a deductible that you will have to contribute for the repairs. If you agree to have the vehicle fixed in a way that it is going to save the Company money, the adjuster may agree to lower the deductible for you.

If you have a claim which effects both your home and automobile policy at the same time, ask about being able to pay only one deductible rather than one for each policy.

Add your son or a daughter to your policy as an occasional driver, it would be well worth the money to do so. Once they get their own vehicle, they will have the experience behind them which will result in a lower rate once they purchase a vehicle of their own.

***If you work for an employer who offers a benefit package, review and compare the coverage that they both offer. If there is an accident, your benefit package at work will be the first to respond to coverage. After that has been used up, your auto insurance coverage will then kick in to provide the coverage available from your auto policy.f you are a young male driver, it pays to look into the rates before purchasing a policy. Rates come in different classifications. A 23-24 year old is much less than a 21-22 year old rates. If you are 22yrs old and your birthday is the following week, there could be a big different from 22yrs and 23yrs. You probably should wait that one week.

The same idea for traffic convictions or accidents. The date is going to make a huge difference. If you have a traffic violation that will be off your record in a week, delay the insurance until after it is gone. The premium will be much lower.

The rates for a male driver under 25yr is less if he is married.

Having an approved driving course makes a noticeable difference in your rates. If you do not participate in one, the rates will be higher.

If you have two vehicles, the rate will be different if you are driving to and from work, drive the less expensive car to work to save on the premium.

Sometimes, you can approach an insurance company about making a change mid term. This is not like a vehicle or address change, this would be something like lowering your rate because you have turned 25years old or because a traffic offence has been removed. The Insurance Company will probably agree to the change.

There are always way to save on your auto insurance rates. You just need to keep on top of it and always speak to your broker. They are your friends in the Insurance Industry and will always have your back.

*** Corporations and business offer excellent benefits to their employees. The Insurance Company is aware of this medical package so they partner with the employer to offer discounted rates to their employees. They agree on the terms and start up offering Group Auto and Home Rates

Why this works. – An example would be – The Auto Workers have their own benefit package. It offers thousands of dollars for care, illness, and accidents. If you are involved in an accident, your employee benefits kick in to start your coverage. Once those funds are exhausted, only then will the Insurance benefits continue to pay the cost needed up to your limits.

Come visit and we’ll use our several secrets to help you maximize the benefits from your auto insurance in Dubai.

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