Medical Insurance in Dubai

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The obviously reason to purchase Medical Insurance is to have the means to take care of yourself and family if needed. From regular checkups at the doctors to surgery, it takes the burden off you financially and gives you a peace of mind knowing you have the best care available.

There are different Companies in Dubai that have medical insurance available for you to purchase. Some give you basic coverage, others offer full benefits and then there are comprehensive plans that extend your benefits worldwide. Here are a few questions you may want to keep in mind when purchasing medical insurance.

  • Is there coverage for long term illness like cancer?

Yes there is coverage you can purchase that does cover any long term illness.

  • Will they cover for pre-existing conditions?

Yes, most plans do NT have coverage for a pre-existing medical condition and it would cost additional funds for that type of care.

  • How do I find out what medical plan is best for my family?

There are different types of plans available which are set up to accommodate everyone.

  1. Basic Coverage – This type would be for individuals who do not travel and only need basic insurance coverage.
  2. Broad Coverage – Another type would insure you while traveling regionally and contains additional coverage as well.
  3. Comprehensive Coverage – This plan is the best coverage if you are continually traveling internationally and need a broader form of coverage.
  • Will these medical plans cover dental work?

The broad plans do cover standard dental work and emergency situations.

  • What about pregnancy and pre-natal care?

Yes, there is a limited amount of coverage for all pregnant women and the new additions to their families.

  • What about my drug prescriptions I use monthly.

Yes, they will cover your medication. Some plans do have an annual deductible that is usually paid at the beginning or end of the year.

  •  What about my children, will they be covered?

Any child under the age of 21 can be added to your insurance plan. Once they are over 21 they must purchase their own policy.

There are always optional coverage that can be added to an existing medical plan as individual needs change.  Periodically, there are also various benefits added to the plan. They do have monthly payment plans to make the insurance more affordable for everyone. The price of Medicare is so expensive that if you get ill locally or abroad, it can cause financial ruin. Most people do not have hundreds of dollars put away that they can access for an unexpected accident.

Many Insurers do have a website set up so you can log in to check any information you need. You can contact them 24/7 for any assistance that you need for a medical emergency.  You will receive a benefit card which you should keep with your drivers’ license. That way should you have any sort of accident while you are alone, the first place they will look for identification is your drivers license.

Come visit to receive a comparison of all the medical insurance policies that will suit your very requirement.

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