Home Contents and Tenants Insurance

Image source: arabianbusiness.com

Image source: arabianbusiness.com

If you are renting an apartment or a house, it is important to make sure that you have Insurance for not only protection of your belongings, but against any type of damage to the building in which you will be held responsible. A contents Insurance policy includes this type of Liability protection. Remember to always choose the highest liability you can buy. The cost is very affordable and will give you peace of mind. The cost of a contents policy including the liability is next to nothing if you look at what a lawsuit, with court and lawyers fees would cost.

There are many people who feel that since they don’t own a home, or feel they do not have that much to insure, don’t give it a second thought. They do not want to spend the money for something they may not even use. If you can take 10 minutes to walk around your home and write down what you have, you will probably be surprised how much you do have.  Below, there is a small list of items we use everyday. If you put a price on each item and add it up, would you have the money to replace them.

Table and Chairs

Couch/Sofa & chairs



Fridge, stove, microwave


Plasma TV’s and all electronics



The list above is only the normal everyday items in your home. It does not include the items in your child’s room, jewelry, fine arts or collections. Even the basics like pots, pans, cups,saucers, silverware barbeque, and lawn furniture.  There is a inventory booklet on our site that you can print of and do the walk around to get an idea of what the approximate value of your possessions are in your home.

One of the most important types of coverage that is included in a content insurance policy is “Living Expense”. The name may differ with other insurers, but the coverage is the same.  This coverage is going to give you a place to stay until you can move back into your home. It also will pay for, travel expenses for taxi’s, motels, meals, clothing, and any other everyday needs. I cannot imagine being unable to go home with a small child or baby.

Most policies cover you for fire, theft, vandalism, wind or water damage. These are just as few of the perils covered by your Insurance Company.  Most insurers often include coverage for personal belongings worldwide. That is great news for travelers. If you are concerned about expensive items like jewelry, call us and check to see if there is a limit on it. It could be unlimited, but if there is a maximum limit, you can usually purchase more coverage at an additional premium.

There could possibly be a discount if you your contents with the same Company.

Come visit InsuranceMarket and we’ll help you put together a home insurance policy as well as the supporting documents that you should have in order to have your home financially secured.

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