Total loss of your vehicle in Dubai

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Unfortunately, accidents do happen and there are a few steps you need to do to complete the process of settling most claims. If the vehicle is a total loss, there is a slightly different procedure that needs to take place.

1. Call police and get a copy of the police report.

2. Call us or your Company claims hot line. They are manned 24/7.

3. You will be given a claim number for further reference.

4. Make sure the claim number is written on the police report.

5. You will have to attach a copy of the drivers license of the person who was driving the vehicle and a copy of the ownership.

6. You will be told where to take the vehicle. Leave the paperwork you have with the vehicle. If the cost to repair the vehicle is higher than the value of the vehicle, the Insurance Company will write it off as a total loss.

There are a few steps that will be your responsibilities. You will be responsible to obtain an ownership transfer letter issued by the traffic department. It needs to be signed by you and given to the Company, along with the keys for the vehicle.

Your adjuster will discuss your settlement less the depreciation of the vehicle and any deductible applicable. If there is financing on the vehicle, the adjuster will make a check payable to you and the finance company. Some Companies will contact the finance company or bank, to find out what their financial interest is in the vehicle. They will then issue two checks, one for the bank and the other one for you. We mentioned in a previous post about the rental car having to be returned immediately to the rental company after a settlement is offered to you. It is wise to speak to the adjuster about that. Some adjusters may give a day or two grace, but most of them want it taken back immediately because they are paying a daily rate for it.

A reminder that you remove everything you have in your car. Child car seats, trunk contents, anything not permanently attached to the vehicle. Make sure you check the glove box, under the seats, in the trunk. I have heard of people who have changed the stock radio, which came with the vehicle to their own stereo. If you still have the stock radio, talk to the adjuster about that. There should be no problem switching it back before it is taken to the wreckers.

Most claims are settled quickly, however injury and death claims tend to take a longer period of time. Some are referred to a court judgment to ensure all regulations have been followed, and the final results are in place according to the present legislative of your current area.

Accidents are never really accidents; they are the result of negligence, by usually one person. I have attached a copy of a chart that shows what the fines are for most driving infractions. Maybe the amount of the fines, confiscation of vehicle or a jail sentence will help in the safe driving needed on the roads.

At we will take care of your car insurance claim for you (if you are insured with us) and guide you through what may otherwise be a difficult and cumbersome process.

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