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Automobile Insurance – Know How To Prevent The Worst MaintenanceYou do not want to break down and be a target for an accident.

  • Read your manual and follow through on the manufacturers recommended maintenance and have your vehicle serviced regularly.
  • Always check your brakes. If they are squealing or if the vehicle is pulling in one direction, take it in to have the brakes repaired. If something doesn’t seem right, trust you intuition, it is always right.
  • If you are a woman out at night, have a few window signs that say POLICE or PLEASE CALL POLICE. Make them on a florescent cardboard and put them in the front, side and rear window. It will bring the attention to your car. It might sound a little strange, but it works, even during the day.
  •  Pull over as far to the side of the road as possible. Do not get out of you car where it is not safe.

Child Restraint Safety

Child’s car seats must be correctly installed. Not securing a seat properly could result in devastating injuries or worse, a fatality. The seat should be inspected and preferably replaced after an accident. The seat lock system could have been damaged or the whole integrity of the frame bent. Check with your local police. The replacement seat should be covered by your auto insurance policy.

Glass Replacement

If you have windscreen coverage that has an excess, check to see if your Company will reimburse you the cost of a windscreen package. You can fix it yourself, and keep your claim history down. They are relatively new and quite reasonable in price.

Rental Vehicles

In the case of an accident, you will be able to rent a vehicle until your vehicle is repaired. You usually will get it within 48 hours. What many people don’t know, is that as soon as your Insurance Company deems your vehicle a total loss, and offers you a settlement, the use, coverage and cost of the rental car ceases. After that date, you will be responsible for any rental charges.  This is good information to know. If you are pretty sure it is going to be written off, start looking while you still have the rental vehicle.

Prevention is being ready for the unexpected. An accident is an accident, if you are prepared, you have a better chance of avoiding them.

TheftDon’t give someone else the satisfaction of stealing your property

  • Always, always double check your car and make sure it is locked.
  • If possible, do not park on the street or somewhere that the vehicle is out of your sight.
  • All that shopping you did today, don’t leave it in view of a thief. You are giving them a reason to break into the car.
  • If you leave your vehicle unlocked with the keys in it, you are giving thieves an invitation to steal the goods in your car. In fact, what you are doing is setting  yourself up for a double whammy. You have given them the opportunity of  jumping in your car, and transporting the stuff they wanted to steal, right to their home.
  • Start up a neighborhood watch program. This type of program was originally set up so if a child felt they were in danger, the sign in the window indicated a safe house they could go to for help. Now it is used around the world to monitor any illegal activity in your neighborhood, such as stealing or breaking into a vehicle or house.

If you’re a safe driver and you have something as proof to support it (eg. a no claims letter), your personal shopper from can get you up to 30% discount.

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