Buying a new Car – Make sure you check out that free Insurance that they offer

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Over the past few years, it seems many residents are looking towards the decision to rent a vehicle rather than spending the money to purchase one. The perks of renting a vehicle include free maintenance, service packages and very low interest rates. When the contract is up, you take the vehicle back and trade it for another vehicle. Right now during Ramadan, buying a new vehicle looks to be quite affordable. The large automobile manufacturers are offering the same great perks if you buy a vehicle from them. These include special finance rates, services warranties and many more, that would normally only be available on a rented vehicle.

It is well known that during the holy month that many of the car dealerships offer you very attractive prices on their vehicles. Along with the excellent price to purchase a car, they are offering very low financial interest rates. Some with ‘No Interest’. A few of the additional perks are extended warranties, upgraded service packages, and roadside assistance. They are going all out this year and are offering T.V.’s, ipads, smart phones, cash backs, and one is offering absolute guaranteed replacement value of the car. These are fantastic gifts, but do not let the gifts make your the decision for you, when picking out a vehicle. You want to buy one that is solid, safe, and one that is not going to cost you a lot of money to insure. There is no doubt there are great sales out there, so bring out your best bargaining buddy to haggle the price. If you are shy about doing it, get your buddy to help with the haggling for a better deal.

Many of the manufacturers are also offering free insurance for a year. If they are setting up a brand new policy for you through their Automobile Insurance Company, find out which Insurance Company they are using. Here are a few things you should be asking them about the insurance coverage they are providing.

  • Do you have a choice of Insurance Company
  • Is the insurance really free? Often, when you ask them to remove the ‘free’ insurance, they’re able to give you a discount and you can then source your own insurance to save some money overall.
  • Don’t forget your home insurance. You need both home and auto with the same Company to enjoy a discount.
  • Are there any restrictions on the coverage of the vehicle.
  • Are their underwriting rules the same as the Automobile Insurance you have now.
  • Are there any restrictions on who drives the vehicle.
  • What is their claims process? Do they provide you with a proper service manager at the time of a claim?

Ramadan is a delightful time of year for giving. It seems that the retailers, vendors, auto dealers, everyone is offering up their best wares, to add to the celebration. Do your best to make it a little happier for you by making a great deal for yourself.

If you have any questions, or have a vehicle in mind, give us a call and we can give you an idea of what it is going to cost.

Enjoy your festivities. Ramadan Kareem!

Visit to see if your dedicated personal shopper can better your ‘free’ insurance when buying your new car!. Additionally, our commitment to claims service and relationships with only the leading UAE insurance companies means that your new car is in safer hands with us. We’re the experts on insurance and the dealers are experts in car sales. Alfred suggests that you should leave each task to the respective experts!   

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