Motor Insurance for Young and/or Newly Licensed Drivers in the UAE

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In the UAE, as per the unified policy (this policy is the minimum cover every insurance company has to offer), anybody with less than a one year drivers’ license and/or under the age of twenty five would have to bear 10% of the total claims cost if they make a non-recoverable claim (i.e. a claim where they are at fault or there is no third party to claim from like a hit and run).

Some policies further restrict coverage for drivers under 30 or may even be named driver policies. Though the legality of restricting the unified policy, which has been approved as a minimum stipulated coverage by the UAE Insurance Authority, is questionable and probably not legally enforceable, it’s best you avoid any issues if you have a young driver driving your vehicle (or you’re young yourself!) by checking your policy carefully.

There are just too many accidents happening across all the Emirates. Studies show that the majority of them involve newly licensed young drivers. It is a tragedy when you lose a friend or relative to any type of accident, but it is worse knowing it could have been prevented.

One of the main reasons these accidents are happening is due to the lack of driving skills these young drivers have when they get their license – and practice! In one family, there may be a son or daughter who have come of age. Since the vehicle is used by the father most of the day, they can only practice for a very limited time each day. That is not enough. They need to be out on the road, driving regularly after passing the road test.

There are other factors that a new driver is up against.

l  Passengers, usually friends the same age. The driver may feel the “peer pressure” to drive faster, when the friends in the car are hooting and yelling in the back seat.

l  There are bad drivers out there. The more you drive, the more you will see them.  Many times it is not your driving that causes an accident. Experience allows you to avoid many situations that can occur on the road. Drive defensively.

l  Drivers must have control of their vehicle. They need to be aware of reckless drivers,    their speed, watch the lights and obey all signs. You have to look at the big picture and it takes a while to be able to grasp everything all at once.

l  Parking a vehicle. It really is harder than it sounds. Parking lot accidents happen everyday, some to even the most experienced drivers. The difference is the way an Insurance Company looks at an accident. An experienced driver may lose their claims free discount. If it is a young driver just starting out, it means a huge and probably unaffordable increase in their premium. They will have to start at the bottom again and work their way back up.

At we have special solutions for young or newly licensed drivers – give us a try!

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