Alfred’s tips on driving safely during the Holy Month when the heat goes up to 50 degrees; Ramadan Kareem!

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The Holy Month of Ramadan will start on the 9th of July and is expected to continue until the 7th of August. During this period of time, there are numerous summer festivals taking place for all to enjoy. It won’t take long before you notice an increase in traffic and perhaps due to the weather the driving on UAE roads can become a bit reckless. After all, the temperature in the summer rises to a balmy 50 degrees Celsius! If you have children in the car and have no air conditioning, the drive could be brutal. Recent articles have shown some very sad incidents where children were left in their parents’ cars, without air conditioning, for a period of time. Cars heat up in seconds in this part of the world – please do not do this, ever! Here are a few tips from Alfred that may help you while out driving:

  • Take a few extra bottles of frozen water for each person in the car. Just freeze them in the freezer over night and have a small cooler in the car. It is a great if you have any perishable foods that could turn in the heat. Once it has melt, you will have cold drinks.
  • Make sure your tires are good shape. Check your fluids in the car, transmission, radiator, oil, belts, filters, hoses and wipers. It is a good time to take the car in for an oil change. If you have road service, make sure you always have their information with you.
  • There is usually a tire in the trunk for an emergency. Make sure it is in good shape.
  • Nothing could be worse that sitting in traffic at 50 degrees Celsius. This may sound strange, but turn up your radio. A little diversion to lift your spirits, can take your mind off the traffic and the heat.
  • Try working staggered hours to avoid rush hour traffic.
  • If you are going to have kids in the car, make sure they have used the rest room before leaving the house. It may be an idea to have a reading book for them.
  • There are dashboard protectors that you can put across the inside of the car to help in 2 ways. One to keep the inside of the car a little cooler, and two, it also helps stop the fading of your dashboard.
  • While driving, slow down. You will get where you are going. Being patient, is a virtue.
  • Just drive defensively. Ignore the guy driving beside you that is cursing and waving his arms around like a mad man. You don’t want road rage.
  • People may become agitated in the heat especially when they have not had anything to eat all day. Maintain safe distances.
  • Always make sure you have your ownership and your proof of motor insurance with you. If you are pulling a trailer behind you, make sure you have insurance to cover it for towing it around.

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You may already be aware of these tips and if you are doing them, I hope they are working for you. The focus here, is safe driving on the road, and taking care of your family. Being prepared is half the battle. Patience greatly reduces the chances of having an accident. Let’s hope that the holy month this year brings the fewest casualties on the road.

Check out special promotional Ramadan rates for auto insurance on Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr are a great time to buy a car in Dubai, especially because of the special offers from dealerships, banks (for loans) and car insurance companies! Happy Motoring and Ramadan Kareem!   

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