Motor Insurance for High Net Worth Individuals in the UAE

people_UAEFew specialist insurance providers in the UAE offer comprehensive policies for high net worth individuals. Such policies cover wide range of solutions for high valued cars, home, jewelry, antiques and many more to ensure insuring the highly priced assets.

Insurance for high net worth personalities always offer top level of coverage. A dedicated claim manager would always be appointed for handling the entire claim and reachable 24 hrs a day for solving any related issues.

Now the question is why there should be a special coverage?

There must a policy that is precise to offer the high quality support. The support that is a bit more than other insurance covers, like-

  • An insurance policy with more creative solutions
  • High quality support
  • Customer centric insurance covers
  • Worldwide underwriting proficiency
  • Worldwide reached coupled with extensive knowledge of local market

Here we’ll talk about comprehensive policy for motor insurance for such personalities.  Top levels of insurance providers in the UAE prepare their policies such way that can give plenty of additional supports to the highly valued cars. They’re all dedicated to give protection to the extraordinary assets of their clients-

Key Benefits:

Widespread covers for your car

Here an individual could avail the maximum benefits from the car insurance policy. The benefits will be given within the territorial limits, subject to the terms and conditions that have been mentioned in the respective policy.

Executive rent a car in the event of accident

It’s a special offer for executive people. If anytime the concerned person is unable to use the car because of a claim covered by the policy, a complimentary rent a car facility would be given until the claim issue would get settled.

Coverage for cars in Europelamborghini

Liability insurance cover can be provided in case the insured person wants to take the car anywhere in the Europe.

 No claim bonus

Car insurance providers also offer no claim bonus option for the selective top level clients. The concerned person can avail the facility against an additional premium. This option can let you protect your no claims discount against any victims even when you are at fault.

New car replacement up to 24 months

Whenever the new car is damaged beyond repair or stolen within 24 months of being purchased by the insurer, the motor insurance policy provider would replace the car with the similar model.

Discounts for multiple cars

The more cars you insure with the policy service provider your premium rate would become lower per car.

Recovery for accidental and breakdown issues 

High net worth individuals can get plenty of assistance in the policy covers, like assistance against car accident, battery boost, towing, flat tyre, fuel, lockout, off road recovery and car registration services.

Authorised dealer repairs

For such car insurance cover the respective insurance company will make all the required repairs of your car at manufacturer’s authorised dealer.

Classic car coverage service

Few motor insurance companies in the UAE offer comprehensive package for classic or vintage cars. So if you’re the owner of such highly priced collection then such cover can give you enough peace of mind!

Motor trade and valet parking

If your car anytime gets damaged while staying at garage, hotel or any area that you do not own, the insurer will then have to cover for the relevant loss or damage.

No blame bonus

If anytime you experience any loss or damage to your car while covering with this policy, and if the insurer determines that you’re not responsible for the associated loss or damage, then they’ll not reduce your no claim bonus.  Such option comprises damage or loss due to fire, theft, vandalism or even if your car got hit at the time of parking.

Sometimes High net worth individuals get more additional benefits from their comprehensive motor insurance covers. If you have any more queries you can talk directly to the experts at Alfred’s InsuranceMarket.

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