What does your auto insurance ‘fast track claims service’ actually do for me and is it really that important?

fast_track_UAEWhen you buy your car insurance from InsuranceMarket, your personal shopper would tell you about the added value fast track claims service that would be available to you, if you happen to have an accident. They would tell you that your dedicated claims manager would take care of the process for you. Here is a description of the role that your dedicated claims manager plays at the time of a claim:

1)    Arrange for any emergency needs: breakdown recovery, ambulance etc.; like your personal shopper, your dedicated claims manager is available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year;

2)    Generate your claim number promptly through our internal automated systems – removing the need for a long process to ‘open a file’ at the insurance company;

3)    Advise you on the workshop where the car may be repaired and ensure that they do the right thing and on a priority basis;

4)    Follow up on your repair and keep you updated through the process; push for action – very much required in a place like the UAE;

5)    Support in any post claims service required;

6)    Negotiate on your behalf with claims adjusters from a technical perspective on the bigger or gray area claims; arrange joint meetings if necessary; sometimes your claims manager may bring in the senior management at AFIA (insurancemarket.ae’s parent company) to help resolve a large claim;

Why it is important?:

In a place like the UAE, where things may not be as litigious and service standards vary significantly between organisations and even within organisations, insurance can become a very slippery area for an individual policyholder at the time of a claim. It is simply not enough to have a policy that mentions appropriate covers – a client needs a committed relationship from a team of people that promise support when it is most required. Lots of things can go wrong – the insurance company can usually quite easily find ways to deny a claim or to cover only partially. Moreover, and more often, errors by workshops can impose further costs on you. Sometimes, your repairs are delayed for weeks because the workshops don’t have the time to deal with your repairs or have more important priorities. All of this can become very costly, inconvenient and even rather painful for you.

When you buy your insurance from us, you are promised that a claims assessor or workshop would not subject you to call centers, ‘company policies’ and just general sub-standard service (or even worse, cheeky business to save the insurer’s money). You would be dealing with sincere human beings who would do everything to have your problem solved as soon as possible – human beings that represent you in front of the corporation, assessors and workshops.

We understand that it is at the time of a claim that we really have to deliver outstanding service (not only at policy issuance when we’re being paid) and going an extra mile to help you out when you have an accident eventually benefits our business through your positive feedback and word of mouth – this inspires us to keep doing what we’re doing. This is what keeps us going – we believe in the win-win situation that is brought about by giving you outstanding claims service.

Please visit us on insurancemarket.ae for your car, health, home, travel and small business insurance solutions. 


[Image Source: gulfnews.com]

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