Why can’t I compare options and buy my car insurance policy right here on the website?

The world is switching to e-commerce solutions. Certainly, in the past few years we have seen some great websites in Dubai where we can buy stuff easily and often we don’t even have to give them our credit card number as they offer cash on delivery as a mode of payment. Of course, with the mushrooming of various group-buying websites we have enjoyed some really cheap spa treatments and desert safaris!

car-insurance-policyAt insurancemarket.ae we’re online and efficient and in terms of infrastructure we strongly believe that we’re at the forefront of technology so that we can deliver outstanding service to our valued clients. Having said this, we passionately believe that our clients need specialist humans (i.e. your dedicated personal shoppers) to be involved in the buying process purely because of the nature of what we do (insurance, especially in this part of the world can be full of flaws and loopholes that can lead to major unsolvable problems at the time of a claim) and also how we want it to be done (we want you to get the best products at the best possible prices and with the least amount of effort or worry).

Buying from us is so very easy and convenient, and we offer a great comparison solution by email. However, the point is that we don’t offer this on our website so that you can just decide which option we want and ‘add to cart and checkout’. Here are simply (and most honestly) the reasons why:

1)    We want a specialist human to make sure you’re buying the right thing – there are covers, optional benefits, exclusions, insurance company processes and policy conditions and warranties that you need to be aware of before you buy. Or, if you don’t have the time, you at least need an experienced and licensed expert to hold your hand through the choosing and purchasing process and guarantee that the policy would not fall short should you have an accident. We want a human to guide you through various products so that you’re never confused – we want to make sure we always offer you a comparative choice from the insurance market, hence our name, but you would obviously have questions about some product details (because insurance, especially in this part of the world, can be a bit complicated and overwhelming). We want to use our experience to talk you through the details and simplify the decision.

2)    We want a human to make sure that you’re getting the best possible deal by individually looking at various underwriting possibilities. Believe or not, in Dubai the best prices are obtained through a manual negotiation system. There are discriminatory underwriting strategies that we work through, discretionary discounting facilities and even case-by-case negotiation tactics that we use to bring you the best deal. The computer comparison system would just give you the rates ‘off the shelf’ – not manually guaranteed best value deals – with no hidden compromises on coverage of course.

3)    Our specialist humans are probably more efficient than your computer – and it is virtually like buying online – just via one email. When you enquire to get a quote, you get a call back from your personal shopper who quickly obtains any pending information from you (we need to make sure we have all the information we need to get you the best deals from the insurance market). Soon after this, usually within the hour, you’ll have your comparison of options in your inbox – one simple reply to this email (which has all the instructions) with your identification documents and credit card authorization (digital) is all you need to have the policy sent to your inbox – also usually within the hour!

4)    We do the work for you while you wait for everything to arrive in your inbox, ready for you to register at the RTA. Because you send us the documents we need, we do the detailed data entry, which also has some parts in Arabic (with a double check system so it’s accurate and you’re not stuck with inability to register your car at the RTA because, say, the chassis number is wrong!). You just sit back and relax while you wait for your policy to reach your inbox. You don’t have to painstakingly spend an hour of your productive day entering data into a website so that your policy can be issued. You just send us a quick email with the documents we need and then enjoy the show!

5)     And this is probably the most important – we want you to know the specialist human you have insured with so that you have a mobile phone number to contact at the time of a claim – and the person receiving your phone call is someone you have a relationship with and who has structured your insurance policy in the first place. You don’t want to be stuck in the frustrating world of outsourced call centers where you repeat your story over and over again to someone who hardly cares about how or when your car is repaired – or even whether it is repaired at all. You ideally want someone diligent to take up your claim during the accident while you deal with the unfortunate stress of having an accident in a place like the UAE (it’s never easy).

To summarise:

Insurance is an intangible product and there are many things that can go wrong at the time of a claim if you don’t know what you’re buying. As a result, we strongly believe that a professional advisor should make you aware about all the aspects of your policy before you buy – so that you can really enjoy true peace of mind, which is the main reason we buy insurance!

In terms of ability, it’s not hard to provide an online comparison solution that allows you to compare products and buy online. But we don’t feel confident in providing this solution to all our valued clients simply because insurance, especially in this part of the world, can be a bit dodgy and it always helps to have a dedicated personal shopper by your side – not only while buying the insurance policy but also, much more importantly, at the time of a claim! Besides, why would you want to just get an ‘off the shelf’ product at a ‘rack rate’ and additionally also do so much admin work yourself?

Come to InsuranceMarket to compare your car insurance options and have your policy reach your inbox in minutes!

[Image source: channel4updates.com]

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