Insurance companies in the UAE

Ever wondered how many insurance companies operate in the UAE? Perhaps, that’s general knowledge we all should know. Surprisingly, there are not many reliable sources to give you the most up to date or even accurate information. Ranging from being multinational to local to reinsurance to Takaful companies, you will find a variety of insurance companies, each specialising in one or the other classes of insurance in their own niche market with varying terms and conditions.

Insurance is a necessity and we all need it at one point in our lives. It is therefore always handy to have the knowledge of the insurance market in your very own country. To make our lives easier, I have made a list of all the insurance companies in the UAE (to the best of my ability!) for your future reference.

1. Abu Dhabi National Insurance Companyinsurers-copy
2. Abu Dhabi National Takaful Company
3. Adamjee Insurance Co Ltd
4. Al Ain Ahlia Insurance Co
5. Al Buhaira National Insurance Co (ABNIC)
6. Al Dhafra Insurance Company P.S.C.
7. Al Fujairah National Insurance Co (PSC)
8. Al Ittihad Al Watani General Insurance
9. Al Khazna Insurance Company
10. Al Sagr National Insurance Company
11. Al Saqrational Insurance Co
12. Al Wathba National Insurance Co P.S.C.
13. Alliance Insurance
14. American International Group (AIG)
15. American Life Insurance Company (ALICO)
16. Arab Orient Insurance
17. Arabia Insurance Co Ltd
18. Arabian Scandinavian Insurance Company (PLC)
19. Assicurazioni Generali SpA
20. AXA Gulf Insurance
21. Compagnie Libanaise D’Assurances
22. Dubai Insurance Company
23. Dubai Islamic Insurance & Reinsurance Company
24. Dubai National Insurance & Reinsurance
25. Emirates Insurance Company
26. Gulf Warranties
27. Iran Insurance
28. Islamic Arab Insurance Company
29. Jordan Insurance Co Ltd
30. Methaq Takaful Insurance Company
31. Nasco Karaoglan
32. National General Insurance Company Ltd
33. National Health Insurance Company (Daman)
34. New India Assurance – Rais Hassan Saadi LLC
35. Noor Takaful
36. Oman Insurance Company
37. Qatar General Insurance & Reinsurance Co
38. Qatar Insurance Company
39. QBE Insurance Group
40. Ras Al Khaimah National Insurance
41. SALAMA – Islamic Arab Insurance Company
42. Saudi Arabian Insurance Company
43. Sharjah Insurance & Reinsurance
44. The New India Assurance Co Ltd
45. The Oriental Insurance Co Ltd
46. Union Insurance
47. United Insurance Co PSC
48. Zurich International Life Ltd

Whilst there are several insurance companies selling different types of insurance products, it is quite evidently difficult and sometimes even impossible for you, as an end customer, to compare the policies and pick one that best suits your requirements whether in terms of the level of coverage, price, exclusions, claims procedure, or anything else. Most of the times, you will not have the time and/or the knowledge to scan the documents, understand the jargon and choose the right one.

Which is why, the broking specialists, like myself and my personal shoppers, are here to help you compare, contrast and provide you with a seamless and extraordinary purchasing experience for your insurance. We not just invest in building relationships with the insurance companies so we can get the best deal for you but more so, strive to deliver excellent service and get your claims paid in no time.

So, the next time you want me to advise and help you purchase your insurance, feel free to approach me, Alfred, on InsurancMarket and I promise to provide you with a complete hassle free solution.

Alfred is the insurance genius behind and its wonderful insurance personal shopper services. With us you don’t only find the best insurance deals in the UAE, you are also protected by a sound knowledge-based infrastructure and over seventeen years worth of experience in the insurance industry.

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