And Alfred Receives Yet Another ‘Letter’!

Hi friends, today I will be sharing with you a letter written to me by one of my Group Health Care Insurance Plan buyers, who are offering this plan to its employees as part of the benefits program. I visited my client’s office yesterday to educate the staff about the cover and the procedures to follow if they face the need to go to a doctor or file a claim. Soon after I received an email from my client as below. Hope you enjoy a piece of correspondence we usually have with our clients!

Dear Alfred,

Thank you very much for dropping by our office and discussing the policy cover with us. Many of us were shocked to realise how we were unaware of the benefits that could be reaped through a health insurance policy till yesterday, and are certainly relieved to have finally understood the cover in great depth and detail.

It was in our great interest to learn that we are now covered for an extensive list of medical conditions including regular dental checks and orthodontic procedures. Usually this is a separate benefit offered to us for which most, if not all, of us usually opt for. It is a great relief to have it all covered under one policy, with the same company and with the same medical card.

Also, thanks for making it clear that medication, if prescribed, is also covered. Most of the times, our staff members have gone out and paid for them not knowing correctly what they can and cannot claim for.

We also find it extremely helpful to have an accessible list of recommended hospitals around the world where our medical card would simply suffice to obtain an immediate treatment without any additional costs. Our employees are usually travelling as part of their jobs and therefore will find it highly beneficial to know where they can potentially go if they encounter an injury or impairment. Adding on to that, several countries have strict vaccination requirements before we travel. Given that we have some amount of money allocated towards this expense is to our great advantage.

Overall, this will greatly help our company with significant reduction in absenteeism and the number of days taken off as sick leave. Since medical treatments are extremely expensive in Dubai, many tend to go back to their home countries for these. With this new healthcare plan, such scenarios can now be avoided, in turn largely improving the productivity of the company.
Some have, however, raised a few questions that you might be able to help us with:

. Why is that our pre-existing conditions are not taken into account? Of course, it is to our benefit but out of curiosity, doesn’t it harm your business? What if someone has a medical history of high blood pressure and diabetes and has already had one heart surgery! From what I have heard, typically, pre-existing conditions are excluded when you purchase a private health insurance. Or at least was the case for one of my relative! Can you please confirm that this does not apply to us?

. One of our employees is already covered under his spouse’s health insurance policy, but that policy does not provide enough cover as you do. What should he do? Can he cancel his policy? Can he also advise his spouse to cancel hers and include her into his new policy with us? If yes, that will take some time but you have a cut-off date to confirm addition of dependents till only next week!

. We understand that we have a global cover excluding the US. Does that strictly mean that medically nothing is covered in the US or is there some leeway around it e.g. paying a higher amount of excess, etc?

. One of the employees has been going for her regular maternity checks to a doctor in a hospital that is not mentioned in your list of recommended hospitals. She prefers not to pay excess simply because she had chosen a hospital prior to knowing what you had to offer. Ideally, she would not want to switch doctors due to various reasons. Would it be necessary to do so to avoid that excess? We really don’t want to upset our employees!

. If the claim for a treatment were on reimbursement basis, would its medication also be on reimbursement? Or can I use my medical card for the prescribed medicines?

Our employees seem very excited and delighted to have this plan or rather a security by their side. You might have noticed that our company is highly female dominating, some of who are currently pregnant and they greatly appreciate having all their maternity expenses covered. We are confident that you will provide us with an outstanding service and claims assistance having had a great working relationship and experience with you on other classes of insurance in the past.

We appreciate that you have provided us with an online portal system to register our claims, track the progress of claims and get access to all the important documents such as the policy itself, recommended hospital/providers, etc. It is not just an accessible platform but also a mechanism to save time and relieve much of the employees’ stress relating to their claims, especially when they are travelling.

Thank you again for your support and guidance. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Ms. Jones

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