New year with a new recipe!

King fishHello my friends, how are you doing? First of all I would like to say Happy New Year to all…I wish you all the very best! From middle of last December I had a very hectic schedule and I really didn’t get time to write for the blog :(.  But anyway I almost finished the pending jobs and some intricacies related to some policies.

Now I’m not in a mood to talk only about insurance….I want to start something different way. Last Saturday there was an invitation from an Indian family. Both husband and wife are our very old clients! You know they’re very nice person and I really enjoyed the food they prepared, specially a Fish Curry….it’s very simple but about the taste……really awesome!! I like to have tasty foods and you know I’m also keen to cook while I get time…hmm top secret right? The fish curry won’t take much time to cook and you can have it with plain rice.

Before starting you must have all the following ingredients like:

King Fish (you can easily get it in Dubai and any other places in UAE)- approx. 350 gms for 4 people. Wash them properly and keep aside.



Cumin seeds

Turmeric powder

Onion (finely chopped)

Garlic (need to paste it well)

Ginger (paste it well)

3 Tomatoes (finely chopped)

1 cup coriander leaves (finely chopped)

2 finely chopped chillies

Now, it’s the time to cook. First you need to marinate the pieces of King fish with salt and turmeric powder and keep them for about 5 minutes. Then you need to fry them with oil. Then again keep those fried fish aside. Now heat oil and add a pinch of cumin seeds to it and stir for about 2 minutes. Then add finely chopped onion, garlic pasted and ginger paste to it. Stir well for about 5 minutes or more till the onions would seem changing color to golden. Now add finely chopped tomatoes and again stir well for about 5 minutes. Add chopped chillies and salt. Again stir it well and then add fried pieces of king fish and add water and let them boil for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile stir the preparation and finally add chopped coriander leaves, stir well and boil for about 2 minutes. Now the preparation is ready to serve with rice….mmmm I know you’ll like to have it!!

Hey…I’m not a Chef after-all I’m your insurance adviser :).  So don’t forget to meet me at

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