Car registration process in Dubai and other parts of UAE

Owning a car in Dubai is easy and relatively cheaper than other parts of the world. Bank finance, AKA auto loans, though with its ups and downs, is also usually quite easy to sort for most people. Having your car registered in your name in order to confirm ownership and for it to be legally on the road is also pretty hassle free and usually doesn’t take more than an hour or two.

It’s illegal to drive a car that doesn’t have an active registration. As car insurance is mandatory in the UAE, the registration authorities would verify that you’ve purchased a policy while registering your car for you. Finding a good car insurance policy in Dubai is easy – just make sure you buy one from a reliable provider that protects your interests.

Car registration process

Vehicle passing certificate

If your car is more than two years old, then you must go for the testing of your car through any of the registered RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) vehicle testing centers like Tasjeel, Shamil, Tamam etc. in Dubai. Over there they’ll test different parts of your car like whether the tyres are okay, chassis, mirrors etc. are fine and completely safe for using on the road. Once they are satisfied and ensure your car is safe to be on road they’ll provide you vehicle passing certificate. Otherwise they’ll tell you the problems they’ve found in your car and will ask you to rectify them first and then come again for getting the passing certificate.

The vehicle passing certificate has a validity duration upto 30 days. So you must go for registering your car before closing that time period. If you are unable to do the registration within 30days, then you must go for testing your car again from a RTA registered vehicle testing center.


Once you get the passing certificate for your car you may go ahead for the registration process. Below are the documents you must produce at the registration office-

• Your vehicle passing certificate
• Original registration card of your car
• Your passport copy or emirates ID
• Your Motor Insurance Policy (you can get your RTA-compliant car insurance in Dubai from us in minutes!)

For any brand new cars, the RTA might ask you to produce the original insurance copy or otherwise a print-out is usually more than enough. Once your insurance provider issues a motor policy, it is automatically linked/updated with the RTA system.They’ll verify and accordingly provide you with your car registration certificate. The above car registration process provides you registration card that’s valid for a year. You must go for your car registration again upon the completion of these twelve months – and the process will hopefully be the same. Once you complete the registration process and you have your car’s registration card, you can go ahead and hit the road! But please drive safely!

Please note that we have tried to keep the information as accurate to the best of our knowledge as on November, 2012 – but for exact and up-to-date details of a specific nature you may refer to the RTA website.

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